Option Premuim at ATM

in the above image why option premium for 35100 is showing less than (spot price - strike price) ?

( in the money ) Option premium = (spot - strike) + time value + ( IV or dividend etc)
I am trying to figure out where I made a mistake… ( help me )
( I even bought a 35100 CE at 1.9 to know what happens XD)

Bank Nifty closed at 35134, so will I get 34 (=35134-35100) or I lose 1.9*25?


What time did you took this screenshot? Between 3 to 330? Index close price is calculated as weighted average for last hour. So, closing price won’t match with last tick that you see in chart

I took that screenshot around 3:20

last traded price is considered for option contracts right? ( LTP is the price of last tick in the chart)

closing price is showing as 35095 ( It’s a weighted average as u said)

now what will be the profit or lose for those who bought 1 lot of BANKNIFTY 35100 CE ?

The option price was following the BANKNIFTY MAY FUT price.
Though the spot was 35168 the future price was 35096 at that time.

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what!!! how bro?

option price should follow BANKNIFTY right?

No, closing price is used to calculate option price. 35100 CE Expired out of the money and value is zero

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Option price follows the closing price on Expiry. Futures shows this weighted avg between 3 to 330 on monthly expiries.

this thread has answer for most of my questions. thank you