Option selling at low price

1.Guys how do people manage sell option worth ₹0.05 when brokerage per contract on discount broker like zerodha is 20 per order. I checked multiple brokers but their rates are even higher.
2. Which broker would allow option buying and selling of remote strike price. Zerodha is not allowing the same.

have you considered if the possibility that they may be selling more than 1 lot?

bro… to earn by selling options with price of 0.05… selling 1 lot is never enough, you will have to sell multiple lots and this will require capital in crores to earn substantial income…

you will only earn 3.75 by selling one lot of nifty, which is nothing, to earn anything satisfying you will need to short at least 1000 lots, so you can earn at least 3750…

also at zerodha restriction is only on taking long positions… you can short any strike price…

what if you want to hedge by buying option (which is in the not allowed list). Does zerodha allow?

If you already have taken Short position, you can buy Options outside allowed range to the extent of quantity Shorted to hedge your position.

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