Option Selling

Hi ,

I want to sell options,and i have some doubts regarding it,see for exapmle if i sell JUN8100 call , the zerodha span margin calculator is showing me Rs.16229, and premium receivable is Rs.3979.and my doubts are

i. If i choose MIS or intraday how much leverage will i get on option selling

ii,Does premium receivable get credited in my account immediately or not?

iii ,if i choose MIS , does total premium of Rs.3979 (above example) will i get or any thing other than this as i choose intraday

iv,Can i use this received premium after credited ,to buy/sell other stocks,and options.

Thank you

  1. 2.5 times leverage, so you will need 40% of this 16k.

  2. It gets credited the next day.

  3. No, there is nothing other than this.

  4. Yes