Option trading restrictions

I am not able to buy/sell Nifty options 16th expiry beyond 11000 (tried for 11200 CE when spot was 10700) and now it is reduced to 10850
Get an error as OI restrictions - Only in range is allowed
Is this due to markets crashing high volatility today - as it is only for 500 points range?
Also I see Nifty July 23 expiry 11250 CE price as 0 but 11300 CE has a price of 9.65 - what is this due to - is it removed from the option chain?

This is due to the exchange imposed OI limitations on broker, Read this to know more.

@ShubhS9 - any info on my second question

Thanks for the reply for the first question

The contract isn’t removed from Option Chain, the pricing mismatch might be due to lack of liquidity.