Option Value Expiry to ZERO timing

Hi friends,
I would like to do MIS on option on Expiry day,
I know on Expiry day, the OTM pe/ce price falls to zero or 0.5/0.25, etc.

  1. At exactly what time The price will fall to zero?
  2. Any specific time is there for all stocks or it is different for each stock to stock?
  3. If I am selling on MIS and waiting for the time value to fall zero, will Zerodha, auto square off the position before the price fall to zero? (may be at 3-30pm as i bought it on MIS)?
  4. For OTM Overnight order no need to exit the position, is it applicable for MIS also, or BRoker will square off MIS position (OTM selling)

Thanks in advance,

There is no exact time at which the options will fall to zero balance. Generally, if the Option expires OTM, it’ll expire worthless.

Yes, you’ll have to square-off your intraday positions (MIS, CO) before cut-off time else it’ll be squared-off by RMS.

If you’ve taken position in NRML, no need to square-off. Intraday positions (MIS, CO), you’ll have to square-off before cut-off time.

Thanks a lot sir