Option Writing MTM margin

If i write 8100 CE for OCT expiry @ CMP of 191 and brokerage house has taken 20000  as margin. I have two questions

  1. Option premium would be credited to trading account by what day?
  2. If suppose nifty moves from 8238 to 8350 after the trade is executed. Will mark to margin would be done for options on a daily basis?
  3. when will they collect additional margin for writing the option? Please explain with scenario

Thanks in advance

  1. Premium is credited on T+1 day.

  2. In options, marked to market is done in terms of higher margin requirement. There is no money debited from your account like in futures, but margin required to short this would have gone up from 20000 to around 22500 (100 points x 25)

  3. This blocking of higher margin happens on a continuous basis (like in futures). So it is always best to keep extra cash as a buffer when u short options.