Option writing queries

Hi, I am new to option trading, though not new to markets. Actually I have sold january 180PE (lotsize:1750) of yesbank and have around 1.7 lakh in account.
So what will be my scenario

  1. if it ends ITM at expiry, and I have only 1.7 lakh in account? Do I have to pay fine extras too?

  2. If it ends ITM, and I have 3.2 lakh in the account(enough to buy a lot) ? What happens to my position if I do not exit?? Do I have to pay short delivery fine too??

The difference between spot and strike will be settled in cash. Assuming, Yes bank closed at 170, (10X1750) - brokerage & other charges will be deducted from your account. There is no fine as such. STT won’t be deducted since you’ve already paid it while shorting.

Yesbank is still cash settled. the short delivery auction penalty will not be applicable. However, from October 2019, all F&O contracts will be physically settled.

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