Option writing without margin against holdings

I have made investment in reliance industries … 1000 shares … Now can I write call option without margin requirement.

No, this facility is not available in India, you will need margin.
But what you can do is Pledge those shares to get the collateral which in turn can be used as margin.
Mind you even though you will receive 87.5% of the total shares value as Collateral, you can use only 50% of that as margin.
For example for shorting call if you need 1 lac as margin, only 50k can be used from the collateral and remaining 50k has to be supplied from cash.

Note: Collateral received from pledging Liquid bees & Liquid MFs also act as Cash

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How to pledge my shares

Go to Portfolio Tab in Zerodha Console
Hover over the stock, you will see 3 dots (Options), click pledge for margin.
You will get the rest,

Pl note that once you pledge the stock, collateral will be available on the next day.

Is their any interest for margin provided after pledging … and how long can I pledge shares …


As long as you want the collateral or you want to hold the shares. To sell the shares, you need to un-pledge them first.

You better go through the below link: