Options-ATM- Infratel price difference

Infratel Jul future price - 285
Infratel Cash market price - 299.50

Somewhere i heard that it is better to look at future price while trading at Options !

On that note i found there is no much liquidity at 285 strike price compared to 295. Is it mean practically trader look into cash price ??
@Sensibull shows ATM at 285.

Hey @Darshan

That is one great question.
Futures is still what you should go by. No one is treating 295 as ATM.

The most liquid strike is actually 290 . 285 being illiquid is not because of ATM/ Non ATM, its is just that round number strikes sometime get favoured. You can see screen shot here

Hope this answers your question.


Actually trading is done at strike price 290/300/310 rather than 270/80. that means traders are looking at Cash price !?

Nope. It just means traders are selling the calls that are above. ATM need not always have the higest OI. Look at NIFTY for example.

OI is at 10600 and 11000, right?

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but :roll_eyes::grinning:.
there is some action/liquidity at ATM which is not in Infratel case if i look at future price.

You have any other example where there is difference at Future and cash price ? (little more than usual)

Here you go @Darshan . Complete list :slight_smile:




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