Options before budget

Which nifty CE option to buy before budget ? Any suggestions

Hi @Ajay_Singh_Aryan,

From the way you ask, I think you are new to trading, options I would recommend you to do only if you know and understand the risk involved. I know the returns may sound like winning a lottery, but you must also know the winners are few even in the lottery. The stock markets don’t work that way. Stick to less risky instruments like mutual funds using coin.zerodha.com or direct equity. You can also look at smallcase.com, a thematic investing platform supported by Zerodha. Better learn your ABCs of trading and risk involved on Zerodha.com/varsity before starting options.

Ps: sounds like a complete Zerodha Ad I know, but varsity and investing in stocks is free!!


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Hey, Are you able to place the orders in banknifty yesterday and today as well as ?