Options brokerage?

Why options brokerage is Rs.40 instead of .01%?

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The Brokerage on Options trade will be calculated as under:

(Strike+Premium) * lot size= Contract value * 0.01% or Rs.20

So, considering the above mentioned example, lets say 7900 call March contract, Buy at Rs.6 and sell Rs.7 calculation would be (7900+6)*75=592950 *0.01% is Rs.59.29 but Rs. 20 would be charged and sell side (7900+7)*75=593025 *0.01% is Rs. 59.30 but Rs. 20 would be charged.

On Brokerage calculator, it will be calculated as per " Premium Turnover" whereas the actual brokerage will be calculated on Notional Turnover as shown in the contract note. For more details, you can write to [email protected].


Turnover for options is computed as (Strike price+Premium)*Lot size and then 0.01% is applied and the lower of such percentage or Rs.20 is applied as brokerage.

@Ananth, nice…beautifully explained…