Options call put CA PA CE PE

Some people say :

CA and PA not allowed in India.
CE and PE can take position but excercising will be only on expiry day .""

But i can trade entry position exit squreoff Options call put ; anyday anytime .

Can anyone please clear the ambiguity?
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Thk u .

CA PA only on expiry

Pls kindly clear .

You said : CA PA options call put only traded on the expiry.

But i can trade call put options all the day and every day .

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I am also confused now

When I read derivatives, European calls could be traded anytime, these guys changed the definition or what lol

Pls tell me :

in India

CA PA call put options are not allowed trade . Not on expiry day too.

CE PE call put options are allowed trading !

Am i correct ?

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Siva pls enlighten
Somebody pls reply


Check section 4.6 in this below link on Varsity Zerodha . It’s explained in a more detailed way then we can explain here. Go through it and you can post if you have any doubt.

I also would suggest you to go through the options module on Zerodha varsity to get a better understanding.

Your link reads:

all options in India are now European in nature , which means the trader can exercise squreoff his option position based on the spot price on the expiry day ONLY .


my query is :

i can trade entry position exit squreoff excercise Options call put ; anyday anytime . On or Before expiry day .

How is this possible?


Awaiting for the reply…

As far as i know , In India CALL & PUT options are CE ( call option European style , allowed to exercise during option expiry day only , similarly PE - Put option European ) CA & PA Call option - American style , PA- Put option American style and allowed exercise at any point during the expiry cycle. At presently any of the Derivative products are not traded on this format

Squreoff option is diffrent and " Excercising option " is different , and you can trade , so its better to refer Zerodha Varsity Option Module before doing any trade on Options .


There is a difference between squaring off your option position and excercising your options right.

And to correct you, you cannot square of at the spot price. You square off at whatever the premium value the contract is trading at the moment.

You can trade European options based on its premium value just as any other stock. But , to excercise European options you need to wait till the expiry day. Whereas for American options you can “excercise” even before it’s expiry date.

That is why I suggest you to go through the Zerodha varsity options module to understand from the basics. Jumping straight into the middle of a topic is difficult for the learner as well as someone trying to explain it.

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