Options Margin Clarification

1)Today Nifty7600PE traded @10.95 & tomorrow(assuming the contract is trading at the same premium) if i Buy 275 Lots of 7600 put, around 3000 will be debited from the account. Suppose if i write the 7600 put the required margin will be 25times of the premiun ie)3000X25=>75000, but the span calculator is showing around 1.39Lakhs. Can you clarify?

Combined margin requirements

SPAN marginRs: 71,913

Exposure marginRs: 67,850

Premium receivable ?Rs: 3,713

Total margin ?Rs: 1,39,762

  1. If i write the same on intraday, how much will be the leverage? As per Intraday Margin calculator it’s 0.1 times… Can you clarify the margin req on intraday…
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There isn’t a fixed rule saying that the margin is 25 times premium. The margins required are computed using the PC SPAN application which considers the position as a portfolio calculating the risk on the entire portfolio and not on individual positions.