Options price averaging

Might be a silly question. I recently found some wrong behavior in option average price calculation when we trade same option both in NRML and MIS category.
Example : Bought one lot each of nifty 10600ce at 32 & 16 respectively, in NRML category. So average price should be 24. Now during a market low time, I did intraday for same scrip at 9.3 in MIS and the next day, average price for NRML changed to 9.3.
The change in price affects P&L and also tax calculation i suppose. Is my question valid or I’m missing some point here?

Earlier 2 lots bought @ average price of 24 rs.

Now u did intraday @ 9.3

Please be clear, what did u do in intraday? How many extra lots besides your earlier 2 lots.

Buying options require 100% premium to be paid & it has validity until contract expiry. Even if u did intraday, u paid full premium & closed down your position same day.

P.S. - Hmmm, I think, that since u did intraday trade at 9.3 that itself means that the premium had fallen to this level. And so the overall premium of your NRML contract will also reflect as 9.3 bcuz the value has declined from 24 to 9.3 now.