Options Selling batches

Hi Team,

I have sold option 15000 PE at different batches, first i sold one lot when premium at 84 Rs then 3 lots at 57 rs so the average is now at 63.

My Questions are

  1. Is it best practice to sell options in batches so that based on market movement the average can be done?
  2. I have checked that when i bought first lot the price was around 15K, when i add the second lot after sometime the price shoot up to 78k per lot. Why such variations?
  3. When price was 15k per lot i try to add 10 lots (10*50) so ideally the price of 10 lots should be 1.5Lak RS instead it was showing as 5 Laks. In the same screen if add one lot per transaction then the price was 15k per lot. I was able to add 5 lots with 15K per lot. This price variations is so confusing.

If someone kindly clarify my queries.

As per my understanding, in options one should not add more quantities just to average them. Options are the most riskiest instruments if not handled properly.

Margin required is based on total portfolio, so any addition or closing of options can help in increasing or decreasing of margins, one should be aware of this.

Not sure what you are saying here, are you just buying options? also as mentioned above margin is calculated at portfolio level, if you can give me exact positions I can try to guide you better.