Options squareoff before expiry, is it possible

Is options square off possible . what if i Brought nifty call option of strike8700 for premium 80,and now see premium with ltp100. can i sell it and gain 20 as a premium change, well i am new to options trading

if this is possible ,well i am not able to do it

i brought 25 NIFTY15APR8700CE for 80 ,and i am trying to sell it at 100 but it says : rejected ,requires more margin

in simple, is trading for premium change possible.
replies appreciated .

Yes, It is very much possible. In options buying, you buy a contract giving an upfront PREMIUM which is also the maximum loss you can incur. Now, if the underlying value increases (In this case, the underlying is NIFTY), you may sell it at a profit anytime before EXPIRY.

The buying and selling can also be done intraday, for that matter. The latest value of 8700 CE was 147.00 and todays' High-Low range was: 120.45-155.60. It was nowhere near 100. Good to check if you are filling it the right price to sell.

if you are selling the same option there is no need for further margin.in fact the money blocked will be released with the profit. you may have committed a mistake in recording the details of the option- either the description of the stock or the CE price is wrongly entered, if they were correctly entered and it demanded further premium, you should report to the broker who will have to rectify their software.

Thx for the answer

sorry, what happened was that ,there was already an open order for sale