Options strike price

There are many strike prices which one to choose

A call or put option is at-the-money or out-of-the-money

if the stock price and the exercise price are close we call them “at the money” if that is far away we call them “out of money” .

keep eye on “at the money” for an index or stock with stop loss as per your convenient .

*Note- Option trading is much higher risk then stock/equity.

Start from here to decide on your own.


One view of strike price selection has been posted here.

You can take any one,
But most preffered are AT THE MONEY (ATM) or IN THE MONEY (INM) options.

Depending upon trading style, How you prefer to trade.

Over Out of money loss would be less but to hard to get profit, But In the money loss would be more and you may see profit quickly . All you need to find out trend divergence .