Options Tracking

How do I track options on Zerodha

please explain your query in brief.

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Dear Sreenivasulu,

All I wanted to know how to trade in options on zerodha? I have never done any trade on zerodha.

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@Sudhir_Kadam Please go through Varsity, this could help you get started with trading in Futures & Options.

Simple, just buy and sell like how you buy/sell shares. Only thing here is, it has expiry of last thursday of every month. secondly, they are in lot sizes (e.g 75) unlike share wherein you can buy/sell even a single unit/share.

This needs a lot of study and experience, it’s not as easy as it sounds. I suggest you trade in Equity/Shares then jump to Futures and then after all this exercise you feel comfortable then come to options trading.