Options Trading - Learn to plot the Option's P&L payoff with Karthik Rangappa

We had a session by @Karthik on plotting the Option’s P&L payoff, If you have any queries for Karthik please post them here and have them answered. You can watch the video and also check out the Varsity module on option theory for more.


Any idea, when Zerodha will include trade options along with option strategy directly from trading platform?

Check this - About Options products - Why cant brokers in India offer this?

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@Karthik, Thank you very much for this webinar. This video is complimenting the lessons in varsity and it helps me to understand better. Please do more sessions regularly. Also I would like request you for webinars in Day trading and swing trading strategies.

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Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Will try and do more of these.

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@Karthik Option strategy payoff using excel?

Karthik please try to include some more strategies which are not covered on the varsity.

@Karthik please make more video about fundamental analysis similar to previous cash flow analysis video including various ratio and trends

Yes, we will do that going forward.

dear mr kartik ,
excellent presentation , i wish i had seen this before
i have a query ??
i have purchased two lots of 9200 call @176 and sold 9450 all at 34.50
now i trade and make profits say 500 daily on both 9200 call and 9450 call that i sold .
will these profits reduce the cost of my investments if i hold both the options till expiry ???
i mean can i reduce these profits from my base cost


anil bhasein
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