Options Trading on Kite vs Sensibull


I have 2 questions:

  1. How do I know the Options segment is enabled for my account? Sorry for the silly question, but I did not find any way to verify this.
  2. How is Sensibull different than Kite in Options Trading and what is the recommended platform to trade out of the two?

You can check this on the Profile page on Kite.

Kite a sleek web trading platform that allows you to trade stocks, derivatives, and bonds on all exchanges.
Sensibull is an options trading platform that is dedicated to providing tools and strategies to options trades. Sensibull’s order execution is powered by Kite.

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1: If you completed KYC and submitted financial proof then you are already have F&O segment, if not contact person in branch.
2 : ZERODHA is a broking firm having platform to make trading on multiple exanges and multiple segments in single platform.
But Sensibull is not trading platform and it like a software to make decisions especially designed for options trading.