Options Tradings


Hi, I bought a CANBK Put options yesterday. I bought carry forward order. By the end of the day I was in 1500 profit. But today it’s showing -700. Why it is?


@Rajkumar1 there are so many reasons behind in options strike price, current market price , implied volatility, time decay and expiry that why you profit showing difference.


this is a settled price, after receiving a bhav copy in NSE its will update the settled price on next day in broker system


I thought it was the bug in broker platform.


NO its not a bug, day final settled price will be update after bhavcopy received from NSE in the evening , it will reflect on broker platform on next day morning


So now finally I’m in a negative 700rs is right price?


Just now I visited my portfolio page. It’s showing derivative valuation is gain of 2110(11.35%). What’s it meaning? I’m confused with this.