Order confirmation delay from Zerodha

Hi all,

My friend and I have built a couple of algos and we, along with some of our friends, trade together on this platform. We are a small, closed group.

Our platform runs on Zerodha only.

We are facing a problem over the last few days (3-4 days).

Order status confirmation is taking a long time.

One of the things that we do is to rapidly react ( square off/take new positions ) when the market moves against us. This is becoming a problem for us. Not knowing the status quickly enough has resulted in us either erroring out or duplicating orders in some cases

I have also seen many orders stuck in “Validation Pending” status and we have had problems in clearing these even manually from Kite

Now, we can absolutely wait indefinitely or we could time out and try doing things manually. But that can result in a heavy loss if the market moves sharply against us

Has anyone here faced this problem and has any suggestions?

Did you Complain to Zerodha…? What do they say tell everyone here so future Algo Traders be careful before trading Algo with them…

create a ticket

Facing the same problem, if it is in Zerodha’s hand, i would request to improve it with high priority. Zerodha is known for its great product, i am fan of Zerodha, but things like this make me sad.

Yeah we haven’t even got a reply from Zerodha yet to the ticket raised last week

Today was one of the worst day, i was unable to do anything during the first minute of market open at 09:15. Holdings, positions tab were not showing, order placed via api did not get executed. Disappointing