Order execution preference logic

If 3 people have placed orders at the same price, which one will first get executed?
Is the logic based on the first person to place the order gets executed first? or it is random?

fifo is the logic

Orders are executed on First Come First Serve basis, so the person who has placed the order first will get first preference.


@ShubhS9 i have a small query regarding order execution preference logic

Let say i place a MIS limit order for INFY like below

Buy 100 @ 930 at 10.40 AM
Sell 100 @ 932 at 10.45 AM

  1. Now the CMP is 931 and it reaches it 932 will the sell order get executed or not

  2. Now the CMP is 932 and 50 sell order gets executed and the CMP goes to 930 will my buy order gets executed

Both yes.

Yes, the Sell order will get executed.

Your Buy order too will be executed, actually your Buy order will square-off whatever shares you Shorted at 932.

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@ShubhS9 thanks for the details explanation so i am interested can i cancel/modify remaining the 50 orders ( buy & sell )

Yes, you can cancel or modify the pending order.