Order limits in USDINR


One cannot place a single order worth more than 10 crores (1380) lots in usdinr fut with zerodha. Is it same with other brokers as well ? 1380 lots is hardly 10 lakhs, so how does one manage to place 10,000 lots in 8 trades immediately without shuffling different windows on kite desktop ? Or use nest for faster execution ?

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This is exchange restriction, in single order total contract value should not be more than 10 cr for fno contracts. You can place in different orders. Also we are working on basket order facility on kite, post that with one click one should be able to enter/exit multiple orders at a time.


Thanls for the reply. So how does one place bracket orders currently ?


So I want to trade 10,000 lots un usdinr. I can place at max 1380 lots in one single order. To place 8 or 9 orders, I have to shuffle between different windows in my browser. How do I make this process faster ?

For now you have place 8 to 9 orders, once baskets is live on kite on a single go you should able to place.


Thanks siva for the reply. The limit of 10crores value of usdinr in one single fut contract irder is not there for corporate accounts I guess ? Its for individual retail traders. Also, the upper limit is much higher for corporate accounts according to the nse website, am I right ?

It’s for everyone.

Thanks siva for the reply

Since I cannot trade more than 10 crores value of usdinr future contractvin one single order, I need to enter multiple orders with one order of max 1380 lots (10 crore value)

So if I want to trade 14000 lots, I need to place multiple orders (10 in this case). So is there a way I can place multiple orders at a single click ? Can kite connect api help ?

We are working on baskets, can add multiple orders to basket and save, with a click all orders will be released to exchange.