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Today when i tried to initiate banknifty position my orders were rejected apparently without any valid reason. I was trying to sell options which got executed but when i attempted for my protection wings it got rejected, for which i had to exit position taking loss (ie. slippage,brokerage cost etc) since without protection wings it would have been a naked position. On going through old threads I found its because of 15% OI violation rule by brokers. I want to know why i got penalized for this since it has nothing to do with my account. If broker had violated 15% rule then why I didn’t get info before placing order, in that case i would have not initiated my position.
Please correct me If i have misunderstood.

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Answered here:

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Thank you for your prompt reply but its still unclear why i haven’t received any alert for 15% OI violation. And if 15% breach happens everyday which in simple words imply i can’t select strike according to my choice is in itself a big drawback.

Precisely. With much difficulty i hit upon an Options strategy for Bank Nifty to finally discover that we cannot trade in all the strikes in Bank Nifty. There is no point if we cant trade options, where we can build strategies which are safe to trade. For individual investors all routes are closed. But if you are a techie or a big player, use algos and do whatever you can.

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Is this applicable only to Bank Nifty or Nifty too

Only on banknifty.

Thanks Siva. Any idea as to why only Bank Nifty. Because its too volatile or what.

One of the main reason along with others. I personally believe many think it is easy to make big money quickly by buying far out of money options hence ending up hitting OI limits

Where can we find the dynamic range allowed for Strike Price everyday?

Can follow this link, will find below securities under ban list.