Order will be treated as MIS or CNC?


  1. I have holdings in my account bought from via NSE
  2. I sell my holdings after 10 days on NSE
  3. I Buy the same shares with the same amount on BSE.

Will my order be treated as CNC or MIS? In the past, I have tried this and my orders got treated as MIS

@ShubhS9 Can you please help?

Basically, I want to do tax loss harvesting by selling and buying same stocks on the same day but my order gets treated as MIS and not as CNC so wanted to know in which case it can be treated as CNC and how can I do tax harvesting for the stocks that are in loss right now?

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Your obligation will be netted-off across the exchanges and this will be considered as an intraday trade.

To book the losses for tax loss harvesting, you will have to sell shares and buy back the next day. You can learn more here.

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