original reqauthmandate not found in BHIM UPI

Hi there,

I Have Applied for a PIOTEX Industries & AZTEC Fluids in Second half from Zerodha and today is the last date for Application - using BHIM UPI.

I got Mandate just now and trying to Approve but Error is Coming now as original reqauthmandate not found in BHIM.

I can’t re apply because of trading hours and i have to Approve the mandate with 10:30 tonight.

what and whom should i reach out to resolve this issue.

Thanks & Regards

This can happen if there is a technical error on the UPI app or from your bank. The stockbroker is only able to place the bid with the exchange.

I understand that the window is closed now, however, could you elaborate on what you mean by this? It may help someone else facing a similar issue.