Our 10th anniversary!

Today is our 10th anniversary. The journey from 0 to India’s largest stock broker has been surreal. While we focused on execution & education in the last decade, the next big focus is to help our clients profit. Happy Independence Day! Here’s the plan:


Congratulations Zerodha. It’s a great achievement. Wishing you many more decades of success and looking forward to path breaking innovations in brokerage industry.

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Congratulation ZERODHA and his full team

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Happy Anniversary to the amazing team and company ofcourse.I still have fond memories of asking silly questions on tradingqna and Nithin replying to it.Learning every option strategy from Varsity by our Guruji.Congratulations for a great future ahead.I learnt Trading from here and this platform is my school.

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next big focus is to help our clients profit…???