P&L ON Q - Is it accurate?

Does the P&L on Q get updated every evening or the next day. I can see a lot of inconsistent information when I look at my P&L for today.

Also, is there any way of looking at each trades P&L independently rather than grouping multiple trades for each scrip. It gets very confusing when you start grouping trades and showing the P&L - in terms of calculation and in terms of learning as to where did you go wrong etc.

My net realized profit shows X for today but when I only made 0.25 X - I cant figure out why that is the case.
The P&L on Q does some strange averaging of buy price (if you are trading the same scrip several times) and that keeps changing the realized net profit
For ex : I bought 1000 Ashok Leyland at 86 and exited at 87. Net Profit - 1000
I then bought 1000 again at 82. and holding it.
Avg Buy price is now 84 - Realized net profit has now jumped to 3000. This shouldn’t be happening right.

The unrealized profit will show based on the avg buy price, not the realized. Can you email your client ID to [email protected]

Hi Nitin,

I have lot of confusion regarding P&L on Q. My daily profit and P&L profit is completely different.
Could you please guide us how Net Realized Profit and all are calculated?
How do i calculate my monthly profit? By adding daily absolute Net realized profit (After deducting Brokerage) or by adding daily indicative net profit minus unrealized profit?

if better if could make a video or give detailed explanation on this/


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