Pain points for Zerodha

Dear @nithin
Zerodha is really done good job in past and even now it’s continue it’s outperformance as compared to other brokerage firm.
But there are some points(As a user of Zerodha, which I feel must be considered) whereas zerodha lacks which are as follows:

  1. Brokerage on physical settlement of stock f&o is too high( i.e 0.5% of two way trade), one of the reason provided by zerodha that it’s involved lots of risk, then no matter you can increase physical delivery margin, but that much brokerage really hurt especially in this low brokerage era.
  2. Brokerage on set off trade of f&o, for e.g. if I have long future and in the money short Call. They set off each other, even there is no physical delivery. But brokerage is 0.1+0.1=0.2%, which is really on upper side.
  3. Bring feature like Unpledge and sale on same day.
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I also have these as some of my biggest pain points

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You didnt mention 0.03% or 25rs , whichever is higher brokerage for off market transfer of share.