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Movie material.

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what is that any way and how is it related @haribabu sir?

See Chart of Heromotoco and its All time high and what happened to there after.

There is a " Head & shoulder ’ pattern on Heromotoco chart, on 23-10-2017 3550/3600 is very IMP level otherwise its next level is 3200
Because of High court ruling ( pavilion riding is prohibited on 2 wheeler below 100cc by high court / may be NGOs behind this)
This is bad news for Heromoto, it hurts its business ( other than India , no country in the world does not hurt its industry/ cos ----NGOs)

What I am telling is to Heromtoco reached 4090. then it fell and in distribution mode.

Stock deliberately taken up before dumping. the same happens in intra day too. Look at Yesbank on 6 Nov 2017.

That is What happening to Nifty too right now. That is my original meaning.

So you have changed your stance from bullish to bearish ? This rally is not stopping anytime soon.


Almost all stocks went a bit down in the morning, then around 10 a.m rallied then came down after 2 p.m. This
is what happened in nifty too. There’s nothing new in this as most of the stocks follow nifty on a daily basis.

@Haribabu what is your view about Airtel ?

I am the big bull of Indian markets. Market will fall when everyone of retailers is bullish.

Now retailers are on short side.

Why did the market fall if retailers were on short side? :face_with_head_bandage:

8 Nov terror is the reason for today’s downmove :grinning:

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Oh man. I am long. I should have squared off all my positions today and gone short of nifty. Anyone has any inside news of any upcoming announcements.

I shorted it three days before

How lower do you think it will go? Is it good to short now too?

I am still keeping shorts