Partly paid up shares

I didn’t have any share of reliance in my demat and neither did I apply for right issue and also didn’t pay any installment. My question is can I do intraday or delivery trade in Reliance PP share and enter & exit any time ???

Is there any obligation to hold it or pay the installment in may21 or Nov 21 if I don’t want to ?? I just want to trade like a normal share?
Can I hold it for 1 yr without paying any installment ?? Please clear my doubt anyone thanks :slight_smile:

You can do Intraday in RIL PP shares. If you what to hold those shares you are obliged to pay installments that come within your holding period.

Sir that means if I buy today and exit before may 21 I don’t need to pay any installment right

@siva sir help pls

If you exit before May 21, you aren’t obliged to pay installment.

Thanks sir :+1:

Sir if I buy reliance PP today and sell suppose after 3-4 months I am not liable to pay any installment in future right ?? @ShubhS9 and please explain the concept how long will this RELPPE1 will trade in stock exchange??

No, you wont have to any installment as next installment is in May 21.

Will it stop trading after may 21 and new series will come like E2?? @ShubhS9

There won’t be another listing, once May 21 installment is made it will reflect in current series only. @mohitmehra can you clarify.

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RIL PP will continue to be listed in the E1 series since even after the planned May 2021 call from the company, the share will still be partly paid. The ISIN of the shares will change once the paid up value increases after the call. Once the shares are fully paid after Nov 2021, the shares in your demat account will be exchanged with ordinary RIL shares.

Also, the May & Nov 2021 time period is tentative. The record dates for calling money depends upon on RIL.

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So one can opt to keep PPE shares even after May 21 right?


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Thanks for replying @mohitmehra

can u pls reply to the query asked on the below link ?