Patience is the name of the game

The markets are volatile, everyone knows that. It’s much, much harder to make money these days than it was 1 year ago. Whatever may be the reasons - intt. rates, inflation, blah blah blah.

As one of my friends says - none of us asked the reasons when everything was going straight up. Then why do we ask for so many reasons now?

The only edge we can have in the markets is patience. Markets are lands of opportunity. You have to keep the barrels of your weapons loaded and ready for when that opportunity shows up. Waste that precious resource, and you waste that opportunity. Just like when people wasted the opportunity of buying at rock bottom prices in Mar 2020 (and countless times before).

Something that gets me by in times like these: the only certainty in the markets is that it will stay here long past everyone else is gone. It will open at 9, close at 3:30, everyday. Don’t do something that you can’t be here the next day.

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Be patient. But know why you are being patient for.

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Lot of patience is required
For trader opportunity is there in bear market and bull market but should know when to long and when to short…

it was hard decades ago & it’ll be hard even decades later,

people who make money will always find a way around with market,

what’s bloodbath for you can be blessing for someone, so adapt with market


Fully agree. The market fall is a great opportunity to accumulate stocks which i currently hold. This fall is a great opportunity to accumulate.

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You have to keep patience when you wish to trade stocks for a long time. Analyse the market as per your understanding and make decisions accordingly. Leave the herd mentality.


Truly, we need a lot of patience to survive in the market as a stock trader. The recent crash is making a lot of traders frustrated. But those who stay patient will surely be at an advantage.

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You are required to be mentally present when you are trading. The market may go in different directions but if you have the patience to analyse it and make your decisions accordingly, it will all get sorted for you.

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It depends on your skills. Experienced traders find better opportunities in such markets. There’s also a satisfaction in getting the direction right while most people are struggling to understand it.

Patience is an edge only if you can do longterm investing. For everything else, your patience in a wrong trade can cost you your capital and many other missed opportunities.

Patience is very important when days are bad and loss making days …
Those are days when emotions comes into play and patience plays a big role