Pattern without trend

Here is case as you can see this stock made a hammer on day chart but it’s Trent is not clear, so how should we expect it to go next or upcoming events?

Hammer can hammer you.hammer wedge axe all are capable of only being labeled on a Deo can.

Draw a horizontal line above and below the camdle and take a decision

Sant ji I would recommend you leave this particular stock. If you are going to trade a few shares like 10-20-30 go for it else leave it since there is hardly any volume in the stock. In the long run you will be burnt for sure… else it’s just your money. Also regarding the question your asked, technical’s can’t be derived and relied upon in these stocks. The largest volume in the entire year just around 25000 which was just one day and rest of the days the volume is hardly above 500 shares. The chart and candles are too choppy to derive anything meaningful out of it and even trade a sizable quantity without slippages.

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Thanks Gautam g, yes m not investing in this stock but was thinking, now I won’t.