Paytm lists at huge discount ! 😩

Paytm lists at 1950 and makes a low of 1776 …more than 17% down from listing price of 2150

to make things worst, Macquarie has said it gives an underperform rating on Paytm with target price as 1200!!! …on date of listing…why did they not say it before IPO ???

how did anchor investors subscribe to this stock at 2150?? what is the effect of this fall …it will definitely affect other IPOs I think

or will it recover…damn confusing


being a yolotrader, im risking and buying btwn 1700-1650 zone if it comes

disclaimer : not an advice…just trying my luck

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took some qty only …not huge

What is yolotrader ?

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What Is YOLO Trading?

One of the trending acronyms in the stock market today, “YOLO,” supports the idea, at least among those new to investing, that you only live once. So, the idea behind YOLO is that you should invest everything in one stock and hope for the best.

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Brave new world - this…


bought at 1715 and its already 100 rs down :mask: looks like i need avg at lower levels

Hello - I do agree that you only live once, but YOU WILL HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD TO keep investing…
Do remember, money is yours, so take a informed decision and believe me YOU WILL LIVE MANY TIMES TO KEEP INVESTING…

Disclaimer: No one to advise you. I am sure you know what to do best.


Cascading impact on newly listed stocks can be seen due to this fall in paytm

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Dont call yourself YOLOTrader, unless you brought deep OTM option :joy:

Just kidding. How much total shares of paytm are created? (Want to know the current market cap)


The concept of “average down” makes no sense to me.

I like to think buying more of a falling share as a “completely new position” instead of “averaging down”, and the thought process/logic behind buying more should be the same.

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You say you are Yolo trader and are worried by 100 rs. fall? :stuck_out_tongue:
I say sell your home/car whatever else you have and buy it man.

Remember, you only live once :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


What will you do if it falls again after averaging ?

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He may become long term investor :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The Hopium Overdose was strong in this one. But lets not give up on it yet.

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Awwww. This one really hurts…to an investor…

I was getting nervous about such sky-high valuations of the IPO as the price they were asking for was already high. I just feel bad for those people who have applied for many IPOs in the past few days but had received only PayTM till now. These guys are in deep trouble.

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Paytm at 1385

Erased 50k Crore market cap in 2 days. What a fall


I’m liking what I’m seeing.

Now shorting paytm seems consensus view.

better be careful on shorts from here on

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good one man…good recovery

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btw did u guys check out… paytm founder compared himself with elon musk yesterday :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: