Paytm lists at huge discount ! 😩

Where ?
In CNBC interview or in some other platform ?

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paytm makes a cool comebback of more than 40% from lows…made high of 1873 …

what triggered a 45% rise will remain a mystery :joy:

Yeah for a yolo trader, long term means 4-5 days :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face:

yup u r ryt…should have done that :sweat_smile: :grin:

Exactly, I had told you. Just keeping name as Yolo doesn’t count. You should have acted as one and you would have been rich by now.

They wanted to give me an exit. :sunglasses:

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Macquarie’s trgt of 1240 on listing day was successfully hit and they have once again come with a coverage of trgt of 900. really crazy

saw this on kush katakia’s twitter.

Why is paytm finding it tough to go up? which price will offer value to long term investors? I have been forced to become a long term investor in this…shit

Lol. Consider this notional loss as your investment in long term learnings :slight_smile: