Paytm/Phone Pe levying fee on recharge

Is this true? If yes, won’t it mean loss of revenues for them as we can recharge from telco website/app for free. And the likes of Paytm already get commission from telco for recharging.

It is ease of doing. You cannot possibly install 10 apps for doing 10 different things when you can install 1 app and do all those 10 things.

Of course those who value money more than the ease and comfort will opt out.

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You don’t need to install their apps. Just open their website on your mobile browser, enter your number, make payment and done. Simple.
There’s no ease as such.

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Of course. I do that.

I am just saying, if Paytm gives the chance to do a lot of things in one place, which are easy, comfortable or time saving for someone, then they may not mind paying for such services.

I think it’s fine for them. If Paytm is charging this much fee, I do not feel there is any trouble. At least they are giving us so many services in the comfort of our homes.

When looking from far, Rs.1 or Rs. 2 does not seem to be a lot. But the question that arises is ‘WHY’. Of Course Paytm and PhonePe have corporate bonds and commissions to permit recharge transactions for sim companies.

Charging Rs. 1 to Rs. 6 does not matter, of course. But it is crucial to note that Paytm, back in 2019, had tweeted that it would not charge any convenience or transaction fee for any kind of digital transaction. The link in that tweet is now defunct.
Users will criticise them for this, and other apps will be in high demand, in my opinion.