PC jeweller stock investment

Is it the right time to buy stocks in pc jeweller for long term investment?

GOOD buy assuming all the negative sentiments get cleared soon…the vakarngee connection ,promoters gifting shares to a non promoter and now buy back without promoters participation means the person to whom shares are gifted will participate .

is it the right time to buy stock in pc jewellers for long term investment?

Always catch a falling knife!

I think when PC jeweller will be out of ban…it will zoom and touch 350 level in 2-3 session.On election day outcome, it may be volatile if it will be out of ban and again can touch to 100 level.

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Why do you think it will come out of ban? Also does clearing the ban means stock is now valued more?

Nope…but the volume may increase n thereby price may also either in upward or downward.

thnku u for ur advice

Pc jeweller is out of ban for Monday as just seen in NSE website.I believe there will be again volatility in this stock.