Peak margin requirements from Dec 1st 2020 & its effects

Markets have become more volatile at the microlevel!!

@ShubhS9 yesterday was the first day of implementaion ,can you provide some take , how many clients suffered peak margin penalty and was amount material so that we can be prepared because i am not seeing much difference

We will be knowing next week only.

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I really like the rationale to the issue and a quick solution presented by you. Vert logical, lucid and practical. Apart from margin requirement there are other issues as well ,

  1. If I want to take risk , why should SEBI come in between ? There are lots of stunts performed in Films and reality shows, circus and what not, does Ministry of Sport or Health publishes a circular or passes an Order on how to perform and what to perform ?
  2. Why should SEBI hold up my intraday profit ? This wan’t a problem yesterday then why it became a problem today ?
  3. Why on intraday profit is restricted to be used for few segment only and not all ? What happens If i use my profit from short call in purchasing a stock in Cash or MIS ?
  4. Why SEBI does not answer from some sudden Erratic moves on intraday basis ? Why isn’t any investigation goes after that and report is presented ?

if Trading gives me a RoI just like what a Clerck earns, why should one indulged into it ? From Sep 2021, a small capital trader like me will have to bid goodbye for sure.


Please high court do something for us…do something against sebi…we are all dead…how can we afford 2-3 lakhs for 1000rs profit in a day… please sebi literally kill small traders.

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@nithin Sir I am buying & selling after 1 or 2 days, still my 20% will be hold as per new peak margin regulation?
When we get rest funds in Zerodha wallet?

When you sell shares from your holdings 20% will be blocked, this will be available in your account balance the next day.

Thanks sir. Is there any way to get 100% amount like to keep extra margin oranything?

20% will be blocked for the day when you sell shares from your holdings, there is no alternative. If you have additional funds in your account then you can use those plus the sale proceeds received for trading, doesn’t make any difference.

why not simply increase the stop loss percentage allowed in cover orders now that the margins are increased, 20% stoploss range is too less in options. Fyers is giving 50% stoploss range in options.

Yeah, we will increase it to 50% from next week.

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are u considering opening BO orders also…as margins have doubled

is there a chance SEBI will decrease the lot sizes since Margins have increased to increase liquidity in market ??

ty for the reply, is zerodha considering single margin account for equity and commodity like ones offered by aliceblue and recently fyers? we dont have excess funds to use seperately for equity and commodity

This is something only SEBI can answer :slightly_smiling_face:

What is this about… please explain

Can an example provided for cash segment changes if i want to trade reliance one lakh with leverage intraday

Earlier was …

and now… till feb? and till may?

How much is the peak margin penalty?is there are a warning system in place?

If we sell shares from demat and receive only 80 % of shares sold will it reflect in the margin as 80 % of amount or full 100 % amount …received.?

Will i get the rest 20 % amount the next day or day after?