Percentage of difference in order

In order page, can we have one more column with a ‘percentage difference=(order price-ltp)*100/ order price’ for buy.
For sell, we can use ltp-order price as a part replacement.

With this I can sort on this column, see which orders are closer to LTP then modify the order. Without this we are struggling to manually go through all the orders. @nithin

What if one has traded multiple times on the same contract, in this case what should be the order price?

I am talking about orders in order tab in kite 3 web & in spot market. Not sure how this applied to fno. Here, each price is a separate line item so the requested feature is very beneficial.

This will be very complicated, may not be possible for now.

From my programing experience, it looks simple. All the info required to calculate this are available both on server and client side so whatever technology - server side or client side - it would be just a computed column.