PF Transfer issue

A bit off topic - I need help for the discrepancy in PF transfer.

I applied for PF amount transfer from my previous employer trust account to my current employer PF account (non-trust). Status of the transfer request shows - Completed but my pf amount is still not transferred yet and that money is in lost state.

I raised complain with EFPO grievance multiple times and now both the party i.e. EPFO and previous employer are stating completely different story.

My previous employer is saying they have transferred the money and provided me transfer details, but EPFO is saying they have not received money from my previous company.

I don’t know how to tackle this situation. Can anyone please help me to overcome this situation?

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It may take 20-30 days to reflect money in the account, after receipt by EPFO

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I applied for pf transfer in April of 2018 and the request status shows “Completed” from May’2018. And for almost last 7-8 months I am trying to track my money via EPFO grievance but now I have lost faith in them. Not sure what can be done now. Any suggestion?

Post a grievance to PG Portal or directly to PMO