Physical delivery of option

Hello everyone, hope everyone received less pain today.
Today, I shorted IDFC 53 PE @1.25 (1 Lot of 10000 shares) and the stock closed at 52.05. Since, it is In the money, so now how this contract will be settled. I have some doubts as to at what rate I will be given shares.

Another doubt is that if the shares are bought at 53 level then whether I would retain my premium of 1.25 or not. And if not, then how will it be adjusted.

And lastly, when I will receive 10000 shares in my account and when I will be able to sell them.

Happy Trading

You will keep the premium and be assigned shares at strike price.

when the shares will be shown in my holdings?

  1. You will receive the shares at ₹53 each.

  2. You will get to retain the premium.

  3. It may take upto T+5 days depending on the counter party if they don’t have the shares in their demat account exchange will buy through auction.

Don’t forget to keep sufficient margin in your account.