Physical settlement in stocks

Hi @ShubhS9
I bought SUNTV DEC 310 CE @ 19.00. Suppose this expires OTM that is the stock goes down. Do I still have the option of physical settlement on expiry day?

No, if the stock goes down and your 310 CE expires OTM it will expire worthless, there will be no physical settlement in this case.

Even if I want to physically buy it at 310?

This will not be possible if your Option expires OTM, for physical settlement to happen your position has to expire ITM.

Sorry, I had bought bought 510 call Can I limit the damage by selling selling the 500 call. That is if the stock was to go down.

bro… you can very well short 500 ce to limit your losses but you should first learn about how options work and how different option strategies work… trading without proper knowledge will destroy your capital… zerodha varsity is amazing place to start learning.