Physical Settlement of ITM credit spread

I am holding a credit spread on Dr Reddy with following strikes
5600PE Short
5300PE Long
Both July Series
Since I was away from the screen i could not exit and now this options have no liquidity left hence i am unable to square off.
If i let is run till expiry how much margin should i have and what are the consequences of this?

Upon expiry, if DR. Reddy below 5300, your both positions will expire ITM, and as you’re holding a hedged position, the obligation to give/take delivery will be netted-off.

Coming to margins, the margin for Long ITM Options starts increasing from expiry minus 4 days as exchange blocks physical delivery margin.

For Short Option position, on expiry day the margin requirment will increase to 40% of the contract value or SPAN + Exposure margin (whichever is higher).

Would suggest you go through this support article to learn more on physical settlement.