Physical shares query

i have physical shares as my grandfather used to lend money in exchange of that bt now my grandfather has passed away and i found that share so hw can i convert that physical shares on my name wats the procedure

Convert the share certificate to your name first for which you’ll require to submit the SH4 form to the RTA of the company along with pan copies of both the parties and the original share certificates. Then dematerialize the shares into your Demat.

the guy doesnt have any idea abt the other party so getting pan wld a problem any other way

Which guy doesn’t have any idea about the other party?

the guy who wnts to change the name doesnt know the person whoes name is thereon the physical shares so getting pan card of them is next to impossible so any other way

First and foremost thing is you should have an agreement and understanding with your grand father’s in heirs if any. If you are moving without their concern then u may face some legal actions. If they are agreed then open a demat account, it would be easy for you @harshadhiya

ya there wld b nothing illegal in this jst finding a legal way if there is something mutual written and signed document from both the parties will it wrk @raheel265

I don’t mean it as illegal, I am just telling to avoid conflicts with ur relaitves
. Go to a lawyer/notary writer he will write on behalf of both the parties @harshadhiya

SEBI has announced 05 December 2018 as last date to transfer physical shares . can anybody guide what will be the status of shares already with company /registrar under objection like Signature differ , stop transfer ,lost request by the holder etc ?

Since transfer of physical shares are not allowed now , IS it possible to have the second holders name deleted on share certificate ( both the holders are alive and active ) with the consent of both the holders ?
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