Physical stock delivery put option buyerbuyer

  1. hi, i have purchased hindcopper 151 put option and now if at expiry there is no buyer then what will be happen and what will be maximum loss for me.
    Current hindcopper stock price 163.

  2. Stock put buyer loss is limited to premium or more

As a option buyer, your loss is limited to the premium paid.

If HINDCOPPER remains above the strike price of your Put Option, it will expire worthless and you will lose all the premium paid. Since option is OTM, there is no physical settlement applicable.

If on the expiry day stock price is below 151, then the Put Option will expire ITM and you will have to give delivery of underlying shares.

In the case of delivery of shares, you will need to have sufficient shares in your account else it will lead to short delivery. You can learn more about short delivery here: What is short delivery and what are its consequences?

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Thanks a lot, you explanation manner is amazing.