Pi and Q session sharing problem

During Trading hours this is very frustrating where it seems that you cant use both simultaneously.
is there a workaround?

Lets say I login to Pi which itself is a mundane task that takes time to load everything and get it ready, charts, indicators and layout etc.

Now in the middle of the day, if I need to use Q, i went and logged into ! from browser and it immediately exits Pi
and the whole app is closed.
Secondly, the log-out button in Q doesn’t even work properly, bcos everytime I try to login to Pi there is an error message that session is in use.

Now I figured, i again open the browser and log into kite, then logout from there and start Pi.

Cant there be a sensible way of using Pi and Q. I know the exchange doesn’t allow simultaneous multiple login to one id but what has Q got to do with all of this.

I hope someone looks into it. @nithin thanks.

This should be sorted soon, we are already working on this. For time being, 1st login to pi and then to kite/Q.

Thanks for the reply but that doesn’t work.
If i’m logged into Pi and try to login to Q/Kite or anything else, Pi automatically just closes completely.

If anything, even if Q is logged in, Pi will not login.

My bad, first login to kite/Q then to Pi, anyhow we are working on this, soon should be able to login to both Pi and Q simultaneously.

all the best for the fix, but “first login to Kite/Q and then Pi wont work either”.
Pi will throw the session in use error msgbox.

If you read my first post, its pretty detailed. Q logout button isn’t even destroying the session.
With browser closed and cache cleared etc, the session is still active server side and Pi wont login.

Again need to login to Kite, logout from there, then open Pi.

I’ve tested this in many different ways. will wait for the fix.