Pi Bridge - Amibroker AFL

Can somebody give AFL to enable Pi Bridge and trade intraday EQ in NSE from multiple symbol watchlist scan in amibroker without having to open charts.
I have my own strategy AFL,
Also the postion sizes and stoploss to be as per my strategy and applystop in afl.


as scan feature is available in amibroker by default, you can use this scan and load your afl which contains place order functions for buy and sell , it automatically scan and fire the signal from amibroker using pi bridge, no separate code is required i guess

hi sreeni,
could you please give me the pi bridge AFL, where I can insert my trading system AFL, wher it will use position size as per my system.
I tried with some of the AFLs copied from from this forum but not quite working. some of google drive links for pi bridge AFL are obsolete by now.
I trade in equity cash MIS Intraday

thank you

Please help me

@AlgoGeek pleaseā€¦