Pi bridge and neobridge difference


i q we have pi bridge and in neo tradeanalytics we have neo brdige.. i have downloaded both and please let me know what is the difference and when to use them 


I believe that Neo Bridge is specifically meant to send order to Pi through your own custom API written in python or C# or other languages, with real time tick feed provided by Neo Analytics’s softwares.

While with Pi bridge you have to use the realtime data provided by the host platform like Amibroker or NinjaTrader.

Both of these are from different companies. pi bridge is from zerodha “whose main business in of Broker” and beobridge is from neotradeanalytics “whose main business is of Authorized Data Feed”. But since they both have got colaboration and have named their products in similar sounding format, therefor many new traders gets confused about them.

Regarding the second part of your question - When to use Which One ?

It depends on your specific requirement. If you already have proper data feed and are just looking for simple method to fire your orders from Amibroker etc. to zerodha pi, then you can just use Pi Bridge, as that is sufficient for this.

But if you are also looking for a Proper NSE Authroized data feed and want to have more advanced features which are provided by Neobridge as mentioned here - http://www.neotradeanalytics.com/blog/2015/12/03/neobrigde-faq/ ,then you will have to subscribe with neotradeanalytics. The support guys from neotradeanalytics are very qctive on this tradingqna forum. If you have any specific questions or doubts about them, then you can ask for that on this forum itself and they would respond promptly.

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Hi All,

Most of the trading bridges are chart based, suppose you have a watchlist of 20symbols, we need to have 20 charts opened to place the orders.

NeoBridge offers flexibility to place the orders by running a scan on your entire watchlist, all the orders get logged to Pi generated order list. Other features supported by NeoBridge

  • Dashboard which provides details

    Cash Margins

    Orders triggered from Amibroker

    Current Open Positions in Pi

For more details pls visit http://www.neotradeanalytics.com/blog/2015/11/23/neobridge-setup-documentation/



Does anyone has NeoBridge setup file? I have lost mine.Pls share.