PI Bridge : Sockets and Excel

Dear Sir,

I want to try pi bridge. But before doing that i need enough information about how to use.
Two Doubts.

  1. For socket programming, which IP address and Port number i have to use ?
  2. For using excel as a bridge, plz provide me all the functions related to excel and a sample excel file.

it will be better, if u supply a user manual PDF file for pi-excel bridge.
I did not find any such thing in Q.



  1. PiBridge server listens on the below EndPoint

Refer the ‘Other programming languages documentation’ in the Q Backoffice for Socket/Packet details

  1. You can use the PiBridge Installer to make it work with Excel. By default, the PiBridge installer register the DLL for AmiBroker, but you can Re-register the DLL by copying it to System32/SysWOW64, so that Excel can make call to PiBridge. You can refer this for DLL registration.

Refer the ‘AmiBroker Documentation’ in Q Backoffice for Functions/Methods supported. Pls note PiBridge works only with 32bit applications as the PiBridge dll is compiled for 32bit CPU.

Instead of PiBridge, try Kite Connect API.
Kite Connect is a HTTP API and offers more features than PiBridge.

The below are the advantages of Kite API over PiBridge;

  1. Kite API provides real-time data over web-sockets.
  2. Fully automatic order placement (Kite API Pre-Approved by Exch while PiBridge needs Approvals).
  3. Platform/System Independent (PiBridge works with Windows only + 32 Bit Applications).
  4. Provides complete access to trading a/c i.e. Order Book, Admin Positions etc.
  5. Can be used to build your own terminal.
  6. Provides historical data for back-testing.
  7. Order updates through web-sockets.
  8. Cost effective (Rs2000/pm for Kite API, Rs4000/pm for PiBridge)
  9. Ready to use, Official and 3rd party SDK’s and libraries are available. Developer forum to discuss issues/bugs/help.
  10. Long term support by Zerodha.

Pls note all the above requires programming knowledge and for personal use only.